Milchsäurepräparat ProBion Active 150 Tabletten

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Lactic acid preparation ProBion Active 150 tablets

ProBion active is a tablet with unique durability. The tablet has a controlled resolution, whereby the bacteria are continuously exposed further down into the small intestine and colon. For the "normal" stomach and also for the fast or loose stomach. Inulin consists of fructooligosaccharides / FOS and polysaccharides / FPS. These metabolic dietary fibers are extracted from the root Cichorium intybus. Inulin acts as a food for the beneficial bacteria in the intestine and stimulates their growth. Xanthan is a slimming agent that protects the bacteria from bile acid and gastric acid infestation. Xanthan is produced by bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates. Unique Quality Assurance: Analyzes are performed with flow cytometry by independent laboratories. Normally, about 80% live and undamaged bacteria remain 24 months after production at room temperature, with a guarantee of over 50% live bacteria.

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