Alterhedens Björksaft Betula Alba - 0,5 Liter

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Nordic birch juice Betula Alba 0.5 Liter

Where does the birch sap come from?

The birch sap is obtained from fresh, handpicked birch leaves in the spring of each year.

How do you apply birch sap?

In earlier times, it was customary to dry fresh birch leaves and pour them in winter as a tea against winter fatigue. Today, it is customary to pour the birch sap water in a ratio of 1: 4. You get from a bottle of 0.5 liter up to two liters of ready-to-drink birch sap.

Ingredients: birch juice, sugar, citric acid, sodium carbonate

The manufacturer recommends to put one part nordic birch juice and four parts water before you will drink them. A deciliter ready to drink nordic birch juice contains 10.3 grams of raw juice and 9.7 grams of sugar.

Произведено: Wikinggruppen


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