Emendo Дегтярное мыло 180 g

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1 pack. contains 50 spices measuring hand picked and dried flowers from Meadowsweet. There is also a single flower stalk. The whole wild-growing Meadowsweet contains salicin which in the body is converted into natural salicylic acid (not to be confused with chemically produced acetylsalicylic acid) and can cause stomach problems if consumed heavily. Recommended dose: 1 spice size / 20 kg, 1-3 times / day as needed. The powder is preferably taken with a glass of water, sprinkled on the food or the like. but also excellent to cook as tea. Has a mild, fresh and slightly nutty flavor. The product is used by us only on humans, dogs, and a few horses.

Произведено: Wikinggruppen


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