Suovasrökt smoked Ren / Moose 400 Gramm

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czas dostawy 1-2 tygodnie
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Suovasrökt smoked Ren / Moose 400 Gramm

The reindeer meat we offer is smoked in Lapland in a natural way.

Suovasrökt are smoked over hay.

How do we ship reindeer meat?

We ship reindeer meat annually between October 1st and March 31st of the following year. We always send reindeer meat every Monday with Fedex.

Do you need reindeer meat on a specific date?

If you need reindeer meat at a specific date, e.g. a celebration, we are always grateful for a prompt notification in the interest of durability.

Please allow some time if necessary. In the interest of fast transport to you, we only deliver frozen meat to the dispatch on Mondays to Thursdays. In this way we ensure that there is no weekend in the time of transportation.

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