Börjesson woolen gloves Kangos for women white

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Börjesson woolen gloves Kangos for women

85% Shetlands wool

The Swedish enterprise Börjesson Handskar are one of the oldest Swedish enterprise. In 1899 Bengt Börjesson start to tann leather in BJÄSTA. In 1925 the sons of Bengt Börjesson start to produce gloves. A handskar are in English a glove.


Who is Börjesson Handskar?

Börjesson Handskar is a Swedish company, which has been working for over 115 years to make gloves and some each other winter clothing. The company was founded in 1899 by Bengt Börjesson and was 25 years later Sweden"s largest manufacturer of gloves and that today of course also. Gloves and winter clothing by Börjesson Handskar are made by people who know that it can be very cold in winter.

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