Couteau Damas

For those of you who like to use luxury knives that are really nice to look at, we have collected here our hunting knives and jewelry knives with stainless Damascus steel blades. A stainless damascus knife from Karesuandokniven® has a blade made of Damasteel®, which is a powder steel produced in the small town of Söderfors. The steel is made through a patented method with a very pure steel with outstanding properties as a result. It is then sent to our factory where we develop the knife blade and combine it with natural handle materials and embellishments. When the damask knife is then sent to your home, it does so tucked into a nice knife sheath, together with a diamond edge that you can easily maintain the blade with. Damask knives made by us at Karesuandokniven® are excellent to give as a gift to a hunter or knife collector who will feel very lucky!

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