Hukka Löylyn Lähde Sauna steam stone

453 kr
Time of delivery 1-2 weeks
Time of delivery 1-2 weeks
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Product Description:

Hukka Löylyn Lähde Sauna humidifier

from Finnish soapstone In the Finnish language Löylyn is steam. And Lähde is a source. And really, the Löyln Lähde works how a source. If you put your with water filled Lölyn Lähde near the hot Sauna stones than will go out the water after some minutes. The dimensions of Löylyn Lähde are 118 x 89 mm, a capacity of about 1.25 dl and a weight of 1.31 kg.

Who is Hukka?

Hukka is a in Finnish Karelia based company, which specializes in the processing of soapstone . Soapstone is known worldwide that he is a very good heat storage and is therefore suitable both in the Sauna as the kitchen or cooling of beverages.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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