Delite kerosene lamp Cabinlite - matt glass

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Time of delivery 1-2 weeks
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Delite Cabinlite kerosene lamp with matt glass

Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen, 2008, First was Petrolux and now are coming the Cabinlite. In the spring of 2007, Delite introduce the Petrolux at the Boat Fair at Fredericia, Denmark. Two 2 years later, at the 2009 Boat Fair at Fredericia, Denmark, Delite introduce the Cabinlite.

This cabin wall lamp on base the same medium sized circular burner as the Petrolux, giving an excellent light. This lamp is two-way gimballed (it means, that swings around an axis at right angles to the wall) and, as a very special feature, the lamp is mounted with a magnet! If you wish to take down the lamp from the wall mount, simply pull of the knob in front, and dismount the lamp from the wall mount.

Filling the lamp up with oil is very easy. Take the lamp body apart, and you will see how much oil is needed. The opening is so wide making it as easy to fill her up as pouring a glass of milk! You will find more informations on: A lot of care has gone into all details.

The circular burner has been fully integrated in the construction. The lamp glass is held by an O-ring. All parts have been made of brushed stainless steel - except the burner made of nickel plated brass. The knob for fixing the lamp to the wall mount is adorned with a delite copper badge - our guarantee that you see a quality product before you!

And here are the technical specifications: 10""" circular burner giving approx. 8 "light watts" and approx. 220 watts of heat. Volume of oil container 0,14 liters. Burning time approx. 8 hours. Height 343 mm. Distance from wall to magnet-knob is 76mm. Weight 1 kg (without oil). Lamp glass is heat resistant and dish washer safe boro-silicate glass.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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