Jerven Fjellduken

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Time of delivery 1-2 weeks
Time of delivery 1-2 weeks
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Product Description:

Jervenduken - Jerven Fjellduken Exclusive - 102 x 220 cm

Jerven offers a 10-year guarantee on all products!

What is special about JervenTextile?

JervenTextile is a special textile developed by Jerven Norway, which is used in all Jerven Fjellduken products. JervenTextile is made of polyurethane and polyester-based fabric coated with aluminum on the inside. It is absolutely watertight, tearproof and also fireproof due to the aluminum layer.


The most commonly used Jerven Fjellduk model. Weight only 750 grams, siliconed zipper with wind protection. Can be equipped with thin or thick liners. The liners are not included. Mounting on the belt with tow loops. Supplied with two armings and a rescue flag. 10 years warranty.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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