Hukka Soapstone pot Uunikko

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Time of delivery 1-2 weeks
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Product Description:

Hukka Barbecue Plate Uunikko Finnish soapstone

Made in Finland by Hukka Design Oy. Unniko comes not from universal, it comes from uuni for oven. Nevertheless, the Uuniko is a very universally usable pot. In summer you can put it in the fridge for fruit and vegetables cool.

You might want to cook on the other hand Uunikko use for cooking. For as soapstone stores heat very well, does this soapstone naturally with just cold. I.e. cool in summer Uuniko excepted fruit also remains far from cool, long ago when the Uuniko stood for some minutes on the table. The Uuniko has a diameter of 298 mm and a Hoee mm.Er of 88 weighs about 6 kg and holds approximately 2.7 liters.

Who is Hukka?

Hukka is a in Finnish Karelia based company, which specializes in the processing of soapstone . Soapstone is known worldwide that he is a very good heat storage and is therefore suitable both in the Sauna as the kitchen or cooling of beverages.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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